I’m Addicted to Social Media

There. I finally said it. I’m addicted to social media. The first thing I do when waking up in the morning is scroll through Facebook. As I’m leaving class I pull out my phone to glance at Twitter. And although no one wants to admit it, who can help but to flip through Instagram while sitting on the toilet? I’m addicted. But is it really a problem?

I know not to let social media distract me when I’m eating a meal with my family. I keep my phone tucked away in my pocket during class and church. Facebook never even crosses my mind when I’m hanging out with my friends. But as soon as I’m alone out comes my Android and I’m instantly plunged back into the world of social media. What’s the big deal though? It’s not like there’s anything else I should be doing while I’m waiting in a line or sitting on the bus. As long as social media isn’t distracting me from my responsibilities and relationships it seems there is nothing to worry about… right?

There is nothing inherently wrong with social media. Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are all incredible tools for connecting with one another and sharing wisdom and entertainment with the world. The problem with social media is precisely in our addiction to it. We cannot stand being alone, so as soon as we are, we pull out our phones to be with our 500 Facebook friends. We have a deep desire to feel wanted and to feel loved, and we turn to social media to fulfill this desire. Every time someone likes my photo or favorites my tweet I feel important – I feel loved.

In reality, our desire is to be loved by God. Our appetite for attention and affirmation exposes our deep desire for a relationship with Him. My addiction to social media reveals an even stronger addiction: my addiction to the love of my Creator. I want to be loved by Him. So put down the phone and spend some time with Him. Realize that you are never truly alone. Tell Him that you love Him, and let Him be the only friend that you really need.

Verso l’alto,



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