Biking for Babies 2014

fullThanks to the prayers and generosity of so many people, Biking for Babies was a huge success this year!  My team rode nearly 1,200 miles in 9 days from St. Augustine, FL to Chicago.  All three teams made it safely from their places of departure (St. Augustine, New Orleans, and Dallas) to Chicago and somehow arrived within 15 minutes of each other.  Along the way we managed to raise over $85,000 (and counting) for pregnancy centers around the country.  Even more significant than the money, we were able to raise awareness and support for organizations that cherish life in each of the communities we rode through.

My team definitely had some struggles throughout our journey – thunderstorms, flat tires, traffic, injuries, long days, and terribly short nights – but it really is the difficulty of the endeavor that excites and encourages those we meet along the way.  I was amazed by the incredible generosity we were shown by friends and strangers alike.  I encourage you to check out some of the videos we made summarizing each day of our ride, and consider donating to help support our mission if you haven’t already.


I also learned a lot about my own weaknesses throughout the ride.  Perhaps the most rewarding part of any sort of trial is that it brings out the best and the worst in each of us.  It became evident during these 9 days that there are many ways that I can mature in character and in faith.  I am extremely thankful for these insights into the ways that I can continue to grow closer to God and to my brothers and sisters in this world.

Verso l’alto,



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